Water Mains




Roebuck Civil provides a comprehensive service installing and designing where required, both large and small installations. We have installed all types of material including DICL, Sintakote, HDPE, FRP and PVC.  Our staff are accredited and competent in laying all sizes of pipe, catering for both low and high pressure applications.

Having the majority of staff licenced in Traffic Management allows us to work on busy roads with ease, all pavement reinstatement in varying materials is replaced with our own specialist resources.  All our Supervisors are Licenced Plumbers. This ensures a higher level of compliance and understanding of regulatory compliance.

The majority of our work is as Principal Contractor with our staff, systems, and equipment set up for managing projects from the start to the finish.

Booster Pump Stations




Roebuck Civil has extensive experience in construction and design of Water Booster Pump Stations. We have completed 2 large Booster Pump stations for the Marian and Mirani townships West of Mackay.

Both these facilities involved the supply and installation of multi skid pump sets capable of meeting the requirements of a single tap up to full fire flow.

Both sites are controlled by remote pressure sensors, connected through telemetry and have full SCADA control from Mackay. The buildings are built out of concrete block and the systems equipped with automatic back up power generation, they were built for life and we are proud to have constructed both of them.

Chlorine Dosing Systems




With a greater focus on water quality we have installed several automated Sodium Hypochlorite dosing systems and are currently installing 2 x CL2 gas re-chlorination facilities. All these facilities have been design and construct and integrated through full PLC, telemetry and SCADA capability. 

These projects have all had elements of building, electrical, control and pumping.

Our projects show our capabilities and expertise in these areas of full integration.

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