Sewer Gravity Mains




Roebuck Civil has a substantial amount of experience in laying gravity sewers in all types of ground conditions.

Our licenced drainers have laid both large and small diameter gravity sewers with various material types. Manholes can either be installed in either pour insitu or precast systems.

Our internal skilled resources and equipment allow us to set up, cut into and bypass in or around existing networks. In aggressive environments we can coat manholes with a multitude of protective coatings

Our internal licenced Traffic controllers allow us to work on busy roads with ease; all pavement reinstatement in varying materials is replaced with our own specialist resources.

Sewer Pressure Mains




Our expertise allows us to lay sewer rising mains, with all materials, in all applications. Similar to water mains but with even more emphasis on grade, our staff understand and strive to meet and exceed the technical requirements to make them function correctly.

Our experience has had us lay Rising Mains under roads, through under bores and thrust in sometimes poor bearing materials. We specialise in the installation of scour assemblies, air valves both automatic and manual.

New Sewer Pump Stations

Our expertise is in installing both pour insitu and precast pump station chambers, both large and small.

Whether your requirements are the supply and installation of a small package system or the design and construction of a large deep pour insitu wet well we have the ability to meet and exceed your requirements.

We offer turn key solutions for the entire pump station project including pump selection, switchboards, overflow storage, coatings and by passing if required. Integration of overflow storage into the design and licenced overflow pit systems

Our engineering solutions ensure you get value for money, options for material selection and construction methodologies, overall good sound engineering advice.

Refurbishing Existing Sewer Pump Stations




We have overhauled and modified a substantial amount of existing pump stations. Each one has had its issues that have arisen with age, growth and there operating environment.

Our team has the ability to change out sections of pipework, install new pumps, fit flow meters and if required by the pass the wet well and refurbish the chambers including the application of modern coating systems with longer life.

Civil works including new fences, hard stands, pits and platforms are all part of the service offered.

Having our own builders licence ensures we have the necessary licences to undertake the works.  New switchboards and telemetry systems can be fitted, or existing systems modified to meet our clients needs.

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